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Thanksgiving 3-Pack   ($75 worth of wine for $52.99!)
This 3-pack of wine will pair perfectly with a juicy Thanksgiving turkey, steaming mashed potatoes, home-made stuffing, and whatever else you might be planning to serve this Thanksgiving. Each bottle is normally $24.99, so imagine that the first bottle is on us!
Palmina Arneis: From the Santa Ynez Valley, Steve Cliffton makes this aromatic white wine, which is delightful as an aperitif, but also has enough body and personality to hold its own with a wide range of strongly flavored food – prosciutto, pesto, grilled seafood... Arneis is a white wine that will continue to evolve with a few years of cellar aging. (Retail price: $24.99)
Bellus Scopello Frappato: This organic, Sicilian red wine is 100% Frappato, and perfect for anything with spice. Winemaker and fellow New Yorker, Jordan Salcito created this joy. It is light in tannin, with a pepper and raspberry nose; it is also extremely well balanced with a long finish. Also, a percentage of the proceeds to Nomogia, which is a non-profit dedicated to protecting human rights worldwide. (Retail price: $24.99)
J.L. Chave Mon Coeur: This Cotes du Rhone is a fantastic blend of mainly Grenache and Syrah. Jean-Louis Chave makes this wine from a blend of 4 distinct areas in and around Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The vines are between 20 and 60 years old. The wine has distinct earth and mineral notes, as well as ripe cherries and blackberries. Pairs perfect with pork loin and lamb shank.(Retail price: $24.99)
And that's not all…

With purchase of our Thanksgiving 3-Pack, you also get a free bottle of Chef Ryan Smith's homemade hot sauce!

"It's a mix of peppers, most of which I grew in my backyard garden in brooklyn: scotch bonnets, serano, jalepeno, and an heirloom strain of chocolate habenero that is much hotter then other habeneros. The peppers are mixed with barrel-aged vinegar, fleur de sel, black garlic, and Korean clay-pot-aged chili paste. I wanted this hot sauce to balance all five flavors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami." - Chef Ryan Smith



Class 4-Pack   ($300 value for $200!)
Give the gift of wine education at New York Vintners with a class 4-pack for only $200 ($300 value). With this package of 4 tickets, you can attend an entire Boot Camp Series: This January and February, we will be conducting our French Boot Camp, Italian Boot Camp, and for the first time, Spanish Boot Camp Series. All camps take place Wednesday evenings, beginning at 6:30pm.

You may also use this class pack to attend any of our basic classes, such as: Perfect Pizza Pairings, Intro to Blind Tasting, and Bad Ass Reds.

This package can be used for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.
Round out your cellar with some of the most renowned wines from all regions of France.
Discover wines from one of the most powerful wine regions in the world: Italy.
A country with some of the most ageable and coveted wines of the world.
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Our classes go beyond simple wine appreciation. Join us for a journey that defines and expands your personal tastes.

Learn how to consistently select wines
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A Dessert Cognac?

At the conclusion of our roundtable blind tasting we were served a most intriguing white wine with an amber hue and a bouquet reminiscent of a young Cognac, Scents of smoke, toasty oak and caramelized pear greeted the nose....

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