Purchasing tickets for events:
Unless otherwise stated, seats are available for classes and there is no need to bring a paper confirmation. If you are purchasing tickets as a gift for another person, please note the name(s) of the attendee(s) in the order note. Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I own a voucher that's about to expire... 


A: The good news is that even if your voucher states an expiration date, NY Vintners' in house policy states that we will continue to honor any unused voucher which has expired.  Simply email your unused expired voucher code(s) to cs@newyorkvintners.com and type Expired Voucher Codes in the subject field.  In the body of the email please include the following:

the voucher codes and the exact name of the recipient the codes are assigned to. 


Q: I own several vouchers and one of my codes doesn't seem to be working when I'm trying to register for a class...


A: Simply email your voucher code(s) to cs@newyorkvintners.com and type Invalid Voucher Code in the subject field.  In the body of the email please include the following: the voucher codes and the exact name of the recipient the codes are assigned to.  


Q: I registered for a class using my voucher, but by the time my friend tried to go on line to register, the class was sold out.  Can you make an exception and add one more seat?  


A: Unfortunately, our classes are set up so that each class gives an equal weighting to voucher holders and regular class ticket holders.  If the voucher registration site has the class listed as sold out, you can send a quick email to cs@newyorkvintners.com and ask about availability of regular class tickets.  If there are any regular class tickets available, voucher customers are free to request those seats at an up-charge (i.e. the difference between the full price of the ticket and the voucher's value).  


Q:  I'm trying to register with a Groupon/Living Social voucher and the classes I see on the events calendar are not on the Groupon site...


A: We offer hundreds of different classes throughout the year and as much as we would like to offer every single class on Groupon, it is economically unfeasible for us to do so.  If the class you want to take is not on Groupon, it is probably one that isn't offered. 


Q: I registered for a class using my groupon/living social voucher, but never received a confirmation email.  Am I registered for the class?  


A: Please send an email to cs@newyorkvintners.com with Class Confirmation in the subject line.  In the body of the message, please include your full name, email address, phone number and class number and we will send you a confirmation if you are registered, or you will get an email stating that you were not successfully registered.  


Q: I'm registered fora class today, but I'm unable to make it.  Is there anyway you can drop me from this class so that I can use my voucher on a different class?  


A: Yes.  Though it's not something we enjoy doing due to the high demand for seats to all of our classes, we are flexible enough to allow people who have previously registered but do not show up, the ability to use their vouchers at a different date.  Unfortunately, there is a mandatory rescheduling fee of $30 for each occurrence.  



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